•  A just cause enjoys abundant support。 During the war of resistance against Japan, China has received strong support from many countries and people of the world anti fascist front.
    In August 1, 1941, with the support of the U.S. government, the Chinese government should be recruited, the first brigade of the American volunteers to set up into the Sino Japanese war against japan. A year later, the U.S. Air Force Task Force and the fourteenth Air Force stationed in china.
    Because of the three air force by American Claire Li Chenault in command, because of their bravery and Tarawa, Megatron sky, record alarming, and the "Flying Tiger" pattern as the badge, known as the "flying tigers".
    The 4 year history of the "Flying Tigers" is an important part of the history of Chinese Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war. They bear the hump airlift American Air Corps regiment and India take remote bombing of the Japanese mainland of the U.S. mission fifty-eighth heavy bomber wing, Doolittle bomber group together to fight bravely, bloodshed, made an indelible contribution to the victory of the Anti Japanese War, by Chinese people forever commemorate.

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